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Friday, 13 November 2009

The 80s, setting to be nominated (or at least be shortlisted) in the next Pelangi Awards as our main objective. Too ambitious, huh? We know there are many other better bands out there. So, by setting such objective it can be our great motivator to work our lazy asses out ;p sorry for the S word.

I am TRYING to be fun here haha this my first time blogging so I hope you won't be bored by all my talking :p

We have a few singles already in our collection ready to be recorded but we are waiting for the right time, well, actually we do not have enough money yet for recording our singles haha that is why I say we are waiting for the "right time".

The first single we are going to release for sure (after we get the "right time" :p)
will be "Mungkin" wrote by our lead singer Fareel. We do help some in the music arrangement haha ofcourse lah kan we are in a band. Helping each other out in writing songs is a must.

We will upload the raw recording of our single "Mungkin" soon for you all to listen :D Probably! Lets hope hehe

Till Here

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